Your hole is my goal shirt

Your hole is my goal shirt



Mikaela Kozak, I live in a town where they dump homeless criminals and I hate it. There is no regulation, I see people shooting up in the parks and the community leaders seem to see no problem in any of it. Here’s the thing people there are some dangerous people in jail and prison but also a lot of them made the wrong move within a blink of an eye and took it to far a person who made a mistake or mistakes someone that acted out of being under the influences so many redeemable humans are behind bars that deserve not to be in danger of death or abuse the jails and prisons hold people of backroom deals not fair and balance these attorneys that are court appointee don’t fight or put in the time because its city funds the court Your hole is my goal shirt is so f up no rehabilitation and if there are programs for help you are to busy puffing up adjusting learning looking walking a line of hate and fear you know who gets in those rehabilitation classes prisoner who been in for years and years. Innocent people go to county jails every day. Jail is supposed to be a temporary place while your guilt is determined. Shouldn’t be a place where people accused of petty crimes die. Greer Gambill and how many deaths in jail vs population in jail? And just so you know criminals released on no-ball and for the virus have killed. It’s not just “nonviolent” who actually gets released. And no one seems to be able to show numbers to even make a claim they should be released. Innocent people in one group and criminals in the other – they are not mutually exclusive! The one who beat 98 years lady into a coma knows what pain feels like! You do the crime you do the time! If there is a disease that is your own misfortune You Put Yourself in Prison now take responsibility.


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