You’ll shoot your eye out kid shirt

You’ll shoot your eye out kid shirt



There are two reasons the government may need DNA. The first would be to ensure that children being held are returned to their blood relatives. The second would be to identify those who have had surgery to alter their identity. Any further reasons are ugly. Joshua Plumley actually, is unlawful search and seizure. But keep allowing the government to get bigger and take more of people’s rights. Illegals don’t have rights? Asylum seekers do. Leigh Gabel, would you prefer that children are returned to people who are not really their parent, or any relation at all? There have been many cases where children are brought across the border by human traffickers who will sell the children or drug traffickers who are just using the children to get into the country illegally. Everyone who crosses the border is not seeking asylum. To think that is naive. If they had to take my DNA to prove my relationship to my child, to prevent them from being used for anything that would harm them, I would gladly give it. If one child is saved, it is certainly worth a slight inconvenience! Terry Behm Hammond Cool. We’ll have the govt come over and take your DNA so they can track you for the rest of your life. Sound good? Awesome. Oh- are you aware DNA can trace your country of origin? Get it now? I hope you don’t have any Mexican blood. You’d be the first target under the current administration. The only way this will ever be declared constitutional is if citizens can have their DNA taken against their will. Even people here illegally get equal protection under the You’ll shoot your eye out kid shirt. And until crossing the border becomes a crime to the extent you can have your rights denied this will never happen.


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