You RN good hands shirt

You RN good hands shirt



This is one of the cases where I disagree with the ACLU. Look I’m definitely no fan of Trump’s and I find his general denial of asylum seekers incongruent with the law, but I think it’s perfectly reasonable to deny entry during a quarantine when you are trying to limit exposure as much as possible. Any president would have done so. We must be honest with ourselves and call out hyperbolism where we see it regardless of source/party affiliation. I definitely feel for those seeking asylum and in most cases I would side with them, but one must recognize the reality of the You RN good hands shirt we are in and the existential threat we face. A president must make difficult choices daily that affect the lives of millions. Could you honestly say that if you were in the president’s shoes you wouldn’t make the same choice? We should show compassion for the people of the world but can’t abandon all reason in the process, and must recognize what our capabilities and limits are. Don’t let the hatred of this president blind your rational thought. If you do, then you are no better than the blind Trump supporter you despise. To provide an analogy. Saving someone from drowning during a sunny day and saving someone drowning during a hurricane are two entirely different prospects. Saying “where is your humanity” hardly changes that it’s a poor idea to jump off a boat in a hurricane to try and save someone drowning. I did in fact read it, but considered from the position of coming from Trump’s opposition given it was from CNN so I looked up the relevant government documents much in the same way I considered Fox op-eds during the Obama administration. It certainly isn’t unusual to cease migration efforts in the face of a pandemic. In fact if you look back through history we did a similar action in prior pandemics. As stated above, under normal circumstances I would be against the measure, but given the pandemic it is simply a logical move and I would expect any president to take similar actions in the same circumstances.


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