You make me feel alive shirt

You make me feel alive shirt



I hate to disappoint, but despite your efforts, I am not mad. I really doubt most people here are either. This is pretty low-grade stuff, and if there’s a feeling provoked here it’s pity for you. Clearly you have a need to try and rile people up, and that’s inevitably from some situation in your life you need to compensate for. Kane, Forcing someone to work is wrong. Forcing any labor is wrong. Forcing someone to pay someone to work for them is wrong. Free citizens in a free nation should have the freedom to choose to give whoever they want a job. Absolutely discrimination is morally wrong, but it should not be a law in a free nation. Kane. You have two questions there. Of course, you don’t want either one answered, nor do you actually want a discussion. My response and the OP should tell you everything you need to know. Of course, I don’t expect much. And it’s clear that you care more about abstract principles than you do about the actual effects that policies have on real people’s lives. Easy for me to tell you are 1000% privileged and you don’t give a fuck about anyone else getting justice because you figure, as long as you’re doing well who cares about other people’s suffering? Libertarians are all the same. Immature, condescending, and relentlessly selfish. That’s your opinion! Thankfully there are laws that state the opposite, and EVERYONE has a right to work, including trans people! Sorry if that doesn’t fit your mold for “freedom” but something tells me a guy who prefers to be called Master isn’t really too into that for other people anyway. Charmaine Ortega Getz like I said you got your delusional false information from fascist liberal media and your credible source are the trolls at CNN, this is how delusional you fascist liberals are, a clueless community organizer that has never run or own and business somehow overnight he knows how to run a country an expert on immigration, an economy without any experience once o ever, according to fascist liberal media Hussein Obama never did anything wrong and everything he did was great he had zero scandals and couldn’t not tell a lie, I grow up under dictatorship, dictators come out of nowhere know everything never do anything wrong and everything they do is great and of course they have zero scandals because the You make me feel alive shirt is on their side


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