You know you’re a lab tech when shirt

You know you’re a lab tech when shirt


This is very heartbreaking, he was out jogging probably never thought it would be his last. Prayers to his family, much strength to his mom to endure this nightmare. Justice for this young man so his soul can rest in peace. And they complained that he fought back! What in the heck would any of us do if someone got out of a truck and started to grab you? We would all fight them with everything we had! Those 2 murderers better get convicted. There is so much disappointment in finally getting these murders arrested. Why wasn’t it done sooner? Why does it require video evidence? Why does it require national attention? How many of these blatant racist crimes and murders never even get a news story? Why do I have absolutely no faith that ultimately these two will be held accountable under the justice system? Susan Mench, They have been arrested. And charged with murder. I was upset that it looked like nothing was being done, but I hope it was because the powers-that-be in that community wanted to be 100% sure they crossed every t and dotted every I before they touched these two sorry bastards so there would not be a breath of a chance of them walking out if it. The corrupt police department tried to sweep it under the rug because the dad is an ex-cop. This happened in February. They have been arrested now because the You know you’re a lab tech when shirt has been leaked and the public outrage. They would have never been arrested if the tape was never leaked. Your timing is terrible, and telling you so is a lane anybody can merge into. How about you step back and save your sentiment for a time when the emotions aren’t so raw, and seeing a young man gunned down for jogging in a neighborhood while Black should not have cost him his life IS the entire highway?


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