You give me agita shirt

You give me agita shirt



don’t understand why we wouldn’t want to know how many people are not in our communities legally. Measuring that number anonymously, in the form of a census, makes these people no less human, no less relevant, and no less worthy of respect and basic dignity. But knowing how many people in our communities aren’t legal citizens helps define very real citizenship and immigration problems. It helps quantify what, if any, additional burdens a community bears for supporting non-citizens. More to the purpose of this page, how is active and deliberate ignorance of such a fact considered “civil liberty?”. Why would you think that the government would rely on a form that is filled out voluntarily only once in ten years to maintain its stats on who is here undocumented? It’s completely ridiculous. This is about counting heads, and that is ALL. William, if you read such a conflated notion into my words above, I assure you I intended nothing of the sort. I know quite well what a legal immigration status is, and what it isn’t. I’m also not defending the stance of our president. I’m simply interested in understanding why we would not want to know how many people are in our country illegally, why we would fight so hard to keep the census from asking such a question, and how such willful ignorance is conflated with civil liberty by the ACLU. Bonnie Riley, The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the You give me agita shirt of census questions beyond “counting heads.” Most recently in 2000 (well before President Trump). As an anonymous tool, the census usefully gathers information that helps focus federal policy and action. The census does not ask immigration status, so there is no way for them to know who to count or not count under this new policy. In order to do it, they would have to ignore the actual census and rely on the data they are collecting elsewhere, which won’t work because you need to use the census data to allocate the reps.


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