you can’t spell Cckcker without OSU shirt

you can’t spell Cckcker without OSU shirt



Here come the white guys to tell you what is and isn’t sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia…having never lived a single day as any of those and STILL thinks that his you can’t spell Cckcker without OSU shirt or faux links matter more than every actual person’s actual experience. That’s it in a nutshell. You could not demonstrate more clearly what white privilege is. Also, GIYF. Before stop and frisk were ended (for being racist) it was like 99% people of color being stopped and frisked with like under 10% of anything at all being found. White and black men use pot equally, but only 1 in every 17 white guys will go to jail whereas 1 in 3 black men. reverse those stats and see if you finally get it, white guy. Get a clue. No one is saying that your white guy’s life doesn’t suck. It sucks because Greedy corporations scam you and have taken half of your salary for decades now, but it doesn’t include the actual statistics on going to prison, on not getting housing and even on medical care that would make it suck SO, SO much more. Whit Bristol “In an era where people talk about ‘toxic masculinity’ ‘toxic whiteness’ and where celebrities etc earn virtue signaling points for claiming they are embarrassed to be white, your claim is … false”. Yes, people do talk about toxic masculinity. Because it’s bad, as opposed to regular masculinity, which isn’t. Or wouldn’t be, if toxic masculinity weren’t the norm in this country. Can you explain virtue signaling from your perspective? So many people say it as a robot phrase without actually knowing what they’re trying to say. It certainly sounds like you’re trying to dictate to people what their motivations are, though. Or rather, dictating to people what someone else’s motivations are. Either way, maybe you can make it sound less stupid. What about any of what you said makes Catherine’s statement false, though? It’s totally unrelated.


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