You axolotl question shirt

You axolotl question shirt



Internet voting, lol. This is how Pepsi ended up with “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong” as the name for their next Mountain Dew product. I love technology and have been involved with Internet apps and networking since before the dot com craze. There is no way currently to do Internet-based voting that is safe, secure, and anonymous. The anonymous part is tricky. Your online bank access is safe and secure because they have a dozen pieces of information to verify who you are. We can’t tag any personal identification to every vote. If you think it’s easy to hack or obscure the results of touch screen voting machines, it’ll be even easier with Internet-voting. Stick to pieces of paper for now. thank you for raising this point. I hadn’t thought about the anonymous piece. I have been supportive of internet-based voting (but not app-based which we all know would be a total fail). I wondered if we should just log into like the social security website which is secure and asks you for key identifying factors and then places the votes in that way, but you’re right the metadata alone would make it impossible to keep it truly anonymous which I hadn’t thought about. I guess we would have to think through anonymity v. convenience & inclusivity. Some change is warranted at this point. The You axolotl question shirt is broke and we are losing our voice. I would need to see proof of that. When I worked in the banking industry, we were taught that the vast majority of identity thefts occurred through information captured through the mail rather than online. That’s one way, though it requires you to be near someone. Online voting means all I need is to phish you or hit you with a trojan to get a keylogger on your system, then your vote is mine. That’s assuming it isn’t easier to just hack the servers directly and stuff ballots that way.


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