You are jollof don’t let anybody treat you like plain white rice shirt

You are jollof don’t let anybody treat you like plain white rice shirt



The Lakota people were also involved in what is called by historians the last struggle in the “Indian Wars”. The military came to disarm the Lakota Ghost Dancers and ended up massacring men women and children and threw their bodies in a mass grave at Wounded Knee. Obscene part of history often ignored by textbooks and glossed over. Heartbreaking to see this story. The Prison system does need to change better health care to be for starters. It’s not just a race ordeal considering all races go to jail. Being charged with the same charge 3xs. If Grand Jury says not enough evidence not to go to trial doesn’t mean someone should be charged for a different crime. The whole system is messed up period. Here’s an example. Some preliminary studies suggest untreated Vitamin D Deficiency puts you at greater risk of dying from Covid-19, emphasis on the word untreated. For the sake of argument, let’s say this is indisputable. Taking a simple vitamin supplement can lower your chances of death if you are Vitamin D Deficient. Of course, you have to know your deficiency in the first place though. If you don’t have adequate access to healthcare, you might not know. You might end up not getting treatment. Which raises your chances of dying from Covid-19. Unless a person committed a crime that got them the death sentence, then this should not be happening. No one, absolutely no one is suggesting people convicted of a crime and sent to jail should go free, but human compassion and morality should be enough to tell you that her dying of Covid due to the mishandling of this pandemic is not okay. Would you still show the same callousness if it was one of your kids? How would you feel if someone said it was collateral because of where they were or what they were doing? How would you feel if people were finding ways to justify their death? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing right now. You’re publicly stating that she deserved because she was in prison and screw her family for their loss because that’s what she gets. Wtf is wrong with you? When did people stop being human beings and start being heartless sociopaths? People have been telling us, since the beginning, that prisons are a fertile group for Covid, and it’s not the prisoners bringing it in, it’s the employees. We should have been focusing on this in the beginning, but instead, it was ignored because of the pervasive You are Jollof don’t let anybody treat you like plain white rice shirt that they’re expendable. Like they don’t have family and friends who love them and are grieving their loss. This was preventable, but people like you don’t care, it’s like you’re incapable of any compassion. It’s disgusting, sickening, and disheartening that people like you exist. I pray that you never have to feel that loss, but I know that karma will pay you back in spades. You put hateful thoughts out there and it comes back to you. I feel sorry that you’ve forgotten what being a human being is.


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