Yorkie 2020 the year when shit got real shirt

Yorkie 2020 the year when shit got real shirt



Yes, life for crack. It used to only require 50 grams to trigger the 10-life sentencing range. If your conviction comes from a trial verdict instead of a guilty plea, you can forget about the “10 to,” especially if you have two priors for even simple possession and the Asst. US Attorney seeks the enhancement. Obama signed a law that raised the threshold from 50 to 280 grams, and Trump signed a law that made only priors that involved distribution qualify for the enhancement. Not smoking crack, just brisket. One inmate beating a weaker inmate to death in a corner here comes to a drone saying stop. What is that gonna do? there need to be physical officers. The only way lower population rewrite laws making it harder to go in. Spend money on youth an education… set up social programs where kids are mentored a taught… in my generation it was cool to be bad that has to be reversed through positive role models and money being spent on youth. William, not only have I toured several jails & prisons in the past year. I am completing my degree in Criminal Justice & have several friends that work in corrections. Don’t worry about me and my research. I can send you many links and resources if you need to catch up. Kimberlee agreed. It has been proven that diversion programs have a low success rate. If the offenders are wise they will take being arrested as a wake-up call. They need to strengthen their help-seeking skills when they are needing help getting their mental health on track, job skills, and other resources. Without them being apart of the positive change all the resources we hand them are like water off a duck back. William, glad you are a loving father. You sound like you have an interesting story. How did you not leave your child when you were prison though? Well, my brother and I grew up in a broken home. I chose a life of hard work & making a good home. My brother chose a life of crime & recidivism as well as leaving many children behind. No matter how many people tried to give him a hand up, he sabotaged his own situation.
Part of the Yorkie 2020 the year when shit got real shirt was the bad male role models in his life. I wish there was an answer.


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