Yo ya fui flaca ahora no me jodan shirt

Yo ya fui flaca ahora no me jodan shirt


He’s interested in one thing, and one thing only, getting re-elected. That’s it. That’s all. He’s playing to his base. Period. There is no other thought in his tiny little brain. He thinks diversion is the Yo ya fui flaca ahora no me jodan shirt. No, we still know how he mishandled the pandemic and how he continues to refuse to admit he failed. We are concentrating on getting through this horror without his help. I’m curious as to how a temporary immigration halt is a terrible idea at this point? How can one shelter in place and immigrate? What jobs would we have to give to these people? I’m asking objectively because under normal circumstances I would be so against this halt. But this is a unique circumstance. For starters, wasting six weeks doing nothing to prepare for a pandemic that was coming straight for us. More recently, extorting public praise and thanks to that he can use in his campaign ads from governors in exchange for the medical supplies they need. In between, delaying and delaying invoking the Defense Production Act, and, when he finally invoked it, failing to force any companies to produce needed ventilators and PPE. Even now, refusing to listen to the experts who are telling him that it’s dangerous to lift shelter in place orders without an adequate testing regime, which we do not have. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why these people are so desperate for money? Why isn’t the federal government issuing checks that will actually enable working Americans to pay their rent and utilities and put food on the table? They’re giving billions to corporations that don’t even need the money while withholding it from working Americans and small businesses. That’s not an accident; that’s on purpose. Put small businesses out of business altogether to force us to depend on the transnationals, and starve working Americans so that they have to work in dangerous conditions just to keep body and soul together. It’s cruel and it’s inhumane, but that’s the Trump regime.


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