Yes I’m painting yes this is my real job shirt

Yes I’m painting yes this is my real job shirt



Go read up on the Iran Contra Affair and how Barr got everyone off from war crimes. Also, Obama was not a communist. He was a moderate neo-liberal. At best. I’m sorry that your racism makes you completely blind to reality. But then, you’re a Trump supporter, so you deny reality constantly, therefore expecting you to comprehend it is perhaps unkind of me. But I am not one of those peacenik, tolerant liberals like Obama. I am actually a socialist and I’m tired of the right-wing trying to pass off sociopathic greed as ‘freedom’. No, it’s not. It is a crucial factor in congressional representation, and the current problems associated with a GOP majority Senate which has violated the oath of office during the previous and current administrations should be a red flag for every patriotic citizen. It is also a constitutional mandate. I worked the last census in 2010 in urban KC, right up to the end. The last month was about 10 percent of the original staff and we just did clean up, the last ones that no one could locate. Stopping early is a shitty tactic but, at least in 2010, where I was working, it wouldn’t have made much difference in total numbers. This will happen to All staff that works in schools. Watch and see. They may get a week of leave but then still must return and deal with the effects of COVID while teaching. And Republican voters believe their party is all about supporting them. They are blind to the fact that the party they tearfully claim cares about the Yes I’m painting yes this is my real job shirt and us citizens, only cares about their wealthy donors (the tax scam for example). I will be on my deathbed unable to comprehend that. I was told that if I didn’t feel safe that I could quit. So we need to do something for those of us working in hotels & customer service industry jobs. I don’t want to die because of COVID, that’s not part of the risk of working at a hotel.


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