Yes I am what a veteran looks like try not to look so surprised shirt

Yes I am what a veteran looks like try not to look so surprised shirt



We have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of those in prison. We should be the safest place in the world, according to your thinking. We aren’t. Instead of spending all that $ on prisons, we should do what other countries do- provide health care for all. I’m okay with reducing jail populations for non-violent and minor violations. But if the offender is serving time for a violent crime, especially one against a child, then sorry another way needs to be found. To begin with, put some in solitary, but leave the lights on and give them reading material, music. In other words, don’t treat it like the normal solitary confinement. And yes I’m going by what I’ve seen on tv shows like Oz, so I may have solitary wrong. Just popping in to point out that the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, was very close to being allowed to serve his sentence from home in a 5-4 vote against allowing inmates to do so in Washington state. So, this sort of thing has to be really well thought out and I’m glad you did offer specifics! What about the staff that works there that is being exposed and bringing the exposure outside of the prison? Allowing a large population of people to contract a disease affects us all. My mother, Miriam Marcelina Padron Hernandez Fuentes, is a registered nurse and she has her coworkers that are nurses, doctors and my psychiatric nurse practitioner spying on me through her computer that can wirelessly record me where I live in the Yes I am what a veteran looks like try not to look so surprised shirt, living room and my bedroom without me being aware of it, and without my consent, because I did not commit any crimes and they want me to commit crimes, as they are playing anticipation games and comparison games with me and other Japanese and Puerto Rican men gangsters that look like me and that are trying to frame me, without telling me. My mother does not want me to study Psychology in a college or university, because they don’t want me to solve their Riddle. My psychiatric nurse practitioner, Dr. Svetlana Lana Schwarts, does not want me to study Psychology that could be for my own wellbeing because maybe I can act right and they lose their salaries and jobs.


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