Wutang signatures shirt

Wutang signatures shirt



If you don’t believe in the part of the constitution that prohibits cruel punishment, you don’t get to make self-righteous statements about obeying the law. Jinga Jappeppa what’s hard to grasp about “laws aren’t necessarily steeped in reason, not necessarily geared towards public safety?” It is no better for ANYONE to have ridiculously long sentences for things like minor possession. It has made for a police state with more of its citizens in prison than any other country but hasn’t actually made any of us safer. Vlada Aleksandra let’s discuss minor possession. For argument’s sake, 30grams is considered personnel use. If I am snagged with 31 grams and I know the outcome, do I blame the system or do I blame me? We cannot look at a legal system and start to blame the system for people being criminals. People are caught and convicted. Then they may be imprisoned. The concept of not doing the crime is simplistic but it is accurate. Why would any sane person run the risk of arrest and conviction? Ignorance is not a defense either. I am not for a police state and I agree that some of our laws are archaic. I just cannot see how the ACLU can defend a person who was convicted of a false police report. That action effects resources, the falsely accused and the system. Whatever they received is fair. I do agree with the Wutang signatures shirt of your post and I want to clarify that I do not deep throat, gag reflex. You did make a lot of sense though. Herman Frisbee, which preparations, a preexisting arrangement with God to be born to a rich white daddy that could get you out of trouble? Let me take this opportunity to remind you that Brock Turner served three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, and there are still people of color serving life in prison for weed. Go with that shit. There is no justice.


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