wuhan wild wings so good it’s contagious shirt

Wuhan wild wings so good it’s contagious shirt



My husband was 73 on a walker. I died yesterday in federal prison on a ventilator with the virus. He was not supposed to have a death sentence. He was going to be released any day. For everyone who refuses to read, the release proposed is to monitored home confinement to keep every jail and prison from becoming a death trap for inmates and prison officials alike. And when they re-offend – and I have seen many stories of inmates – especially in NYC – who have been released and shown mercy – only to re-offend – who will be willing to accept liability for their crimes? To whom should their Wuhan wild wings so good it’s contagious shirt send their invoices for reimbursement? This is the most insane thing I have read in a while. They were legally incarcerated and can be released by that same legal system as they see fit. The legal system is not beholden to your opinion of who can and cannot be released. Positive for what specifically? If you haven’t been feeling well and getting false positives then you need to tell them and request a new test. P.O. should be tested too for COVID. It affects mental capacity with distorted emotions. This guy, at a glimpse, could be exhibiting symptoms. If you KNOW it’s not you, then speak up. No games allowed here. Non-violent offenders with preexisting conditions should be released. There is no excuse to keep them in jail or prison right now, and this includes those in immigration detention as well. As for violent offenders who may pose a risk to the community, some form of social distancing must be implemented inside jails and prisons. This could be a challenge for lower-security facilities where there are not individual cells. These people are still human beings and the vast majority did not receive a death sentence.


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