World’s dopest dad shirt

World’s dopest dad shirt



And when those contraceptive options fail, which they do up to 18% of the time depending on the method, there’s abortion. It’s unethical to force a woman to use her body to sustain another life against her will. It is not unethical to terminate a pregnancy. Don’t be ridiculous. Your flippant assumption about why women would consider abortion demonstrates that you lack both an understanding of the decision making process and motivations of women who decide to abort, and a shocking disrespect for their rights as individuals. Here’s a good basic analysis of why women might consider abortion. Most women have multiple reasons for their decision and the World’s dopest dad shirt of them center around not being able to reasonably support a child. If you don’t like women having abortions, then you’d better start supporting free childcare for low-income earners, social programs, and financial support for families, education, and job opportunities for parents (particularly single parents) and any general policy which would make childrearing more affordable and easier. You should also probably get behind free universal access to contraception and family planning services like Planned Parenthood. Yes, there are. But the same people who are pushing to make abortion illegal are the ones who say employers have a right to deny women contraceptives “on religious grounds”. Do not believe the crap that says abortions are casually used as contraception. I can’t say it never happens but it’s vanishingly rare. Most abortion decisions are agonizing and about many things. The word you’re looking for is ‘immoral’. You could argue that you find abortion immoral, but to declare it unethical is a different thing, and incorrect.


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