Why fit in where you were born to stand out shirt

Why fit in where you were born to stand out shirt


I do not mind admitting that it is justified to protect yourself from criminals. look at all 3 cases I named, Mike rob a store, police stop him he attacks police got killed, Travon rob a man got shot, 7 yo breaks into home with a person there gets shot. The juries may have agreed with you, but juries can and often are, wrong. They can also be biased, even openly racist. Way too frequently they defer to the authority of cops. “I do not care how old they are”. Obviously you don’t, and that should trouble you. Clearly your bigotry and racist authoritarianism let you look past the age and justify the killing. Figures a white dude would post this shit. Maybe if you and your family were fucking made slaves for thousands of years and then shit on all of your life you’d be singing a different song. First, they were not all criminals. And second, you want the death sentence for trespassing, or a traffic stop, or answering the door at your house? No, you want permission to lynch without blame. Can our USA finally lower Everyones’ wages and salaries so that I was a disabled American who can get hired? College is so expensive that we have to pay for Everybody else’s salary. The Why fit in where you were born to stand out shirt showing the shooting death of Ahmad Arbery certainly appears to show a callous murder. But it also raises dozens of questions for which we do not yet know the answers. I’m withholding judgment until the investigation is complete. If the evidence supports murder charges and convictions, I’d be willing to inject the needles into the killers myself. But in the meantime, I will not perpetuate the lie that white people can kill black people and face no consequences. You shouldn’t either. I know far more than you do about the killing of Ahmad Arbery, yet I don’t know enough to draw any conclusions. But you, in your ignorance, think you do? People like you are dangerous enemies of our Republic. You shouldn’t ever be allowed to serve on a jury – not just a jury in this case, but a jury in any case. That you are so willing to deny people their fundamental and inalienable rights to a proper investigation and due process is disgraceful. If you are an American citizen, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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