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We, humans, are the hardest to control. If some form of force is not implemented, this covid-19 is going to last for some time except the vaccine or drug is found. Down here in Nigeria we operate an open market, as the days go by the number of people infected increases. I think this is the time we look around us and see the number of people who can barely feed. Washing of hands, social distancing will help in a way but have you ever thought of those who their immune system is jeopardized. It’s not just the sick who has a low immune system but also the poor. I hope after the pandemic is over, probably the Government will have a rethink on the welfare of the citizens. Shut down all non-essential businesses. Many are using the fact that some of their warehouses have food and beverage. So they keep every warehouse in their chain open that has nothing to do with food, beverage, or essential products. It’s all about greed before employees and families and the entire nation. Enjoy this pandemic. It hasn’t even started to what it’s going to become because of this nation’s greed. As everyone continues to freak out…and I am not saying this could not become far more serious or that people should not take every precaution… but to put in in perspective this has so far affected less than .04% of the Why fall in love when you can fall asleep shirt with a survivability rate of around 98.75%. It’s probably more of the fact that it’s so vicious against the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. It’s easy to think it over-exaggerated until you’re seventy with pre-existing conditions. When did you ever see hospitals overrun with people all dying of the same thing, every hospital in Italy is full of coronavirus patients, 22 doctors in Italy have died from coronavirus while treating such people… so let’s not freak out hay


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