Who need refs when you have basketball moms shirt

Who need refs when you have basketball moms shirt



Is there any Who need refs when you have basketball moms shirt that you can’t manage to inject race into? It could be a news story about one black man killing another black man over drugs and after reading the ACLU’s spin somehow it would end up being the white man’s fault. It really gets fucking old. I literally could not care less about people’s feelings. It’s not my problem. If a word really hurts you that much then maybe you are the one who has to grow up. Adults use and hear adult words. It’s the world. There are no foam walls to run to. I read an article yesterday from a pathology journal that said they found changes in the placentas of women who had mod-severe COVID. The same kind of changes they found in the lungs of severe patients with COVID. They couldn’t figure out why the ventilators weren’t helping until after enough cases, it was noted that the pts did not have pneumonia, after all, that’s why the vent wasn’t working. Instead, the virus was damaging the actual tissues of the lungs causing clotting, It was a very small sample but it means pregnant women are even more at risk than we thought. If their pregnancy was so important to them, you would think that they would have wanted to avoid criminal activity. I still laugh how the ACLU will use pregnancy as a justification for release then turn around and advocate for infanticide. I guess an infant’s life only matters if it can be used to get some criminal garbage out of jail. The grift continues. Do religious exemptions from laws make them a class of citizens with more freedoms than those who are not religious? And how would this more-free class fit in the framework of the constitution as we know it today? If a religion believes they are chosen of God shouldn’t they get two votes since their faith demands they receive special treatment?


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