Who doh hear does feel mommy 247 shirt

Who doh hear does feel mommy 247 shirt



Mekel Prince Lol no they aren’t facts, Well maybe on your side which is the truth being spun and Schiff twisting the transcript in which Biden said to fire the prosecutor or we will withhold aid to your Country. See you have no knowledge of the truth, the quit Pro Quo? There was none, it’s all a sham. Go ahead and Impeach our Duly elected President it takes a supermajority in the Senate to remove so good luck. Oh, where is your good guy Romney huh? He is upset because he didn’t get picked for Secretary of State? Now he just is mad at Trump. Why didn’t he win against Obama? He had no campaign, just like crooked Hillary. You know Nothing, come back when you have an argument. Which you will have not one! So trying to have another tell lies so it won’t backfire on Schiff. Schiff is a two-faced coward that should have his feet held to the fire for lying and in my opinion committed Treason along with other top members of the democratic party. Schiff is also a very important witness as his staff talked to the whistleblower. Remember that. Adam Schiff is a proven liar. Nothing he says can be taken as truth. There is an election in 13 months. Normally, instead of impeachment they would let the people decide by vote. Schiff and Pelosi know none of the Democrats running for president have a chance to beat Trump so this is their only way to get him out of office. I hope the public never forget the despicable and cowardly manner the Dems are conducting themselves. Rusty Dillingham that is truly a stupid idea why should a person be allowed to get away with a crime just because they have an Who doh hear does feel mommy 247 shirt coming up and can be removed from office


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