When confronted by bears play dead shirt

When confronted by bears play dead shirt



In this time where governors and mayors are forcing people to stay in their homes, arresting people for going about their business, destroying our economy, and trampling on our civil liberties the ACLU doesn’t say or do a thing. The Patriot Act has allowed police to search your vehicles without a warrant, with the police sometimes planting drugs. Corrupt, degenerate police in any town can read the FB of your underage children, and obtain info about adult citizens in an attempt to manufacture false evidence against them… simply because they don’t like something about them, like the fact that they are gay, etc. The whole damn thing should be destroyed as its sole purpose from the get-go was to empower a new generation of paramilitary police and destroy your privacy and civil rights. Travis, you need to educate yourself, so I am going to help you. Your 2nd Amendment rights can’t be taken away. It would require 2/3rds of the congress to agree to it and 2/3rds of the states to then agree. There hasn’t been a president besides Reagan that limited your rights. That gun industry has developed a plan for making money whenever a democrat wins, and it’s to scare you into buying more guns. However, the reality is what I wrote here. My heart goes out to all mothers at a time like this. Especially those carrying a child or having a very young child. I will say this much if someone got up in your face intentionally to spill their droplets and then talk about their wonderful excursions out and about in public unprotected from the When confronted by bears play dead shirt and you beat the living shit out of them if I was on the jury there’s no way I would find you guilty. Not that I am promoting violence but I’m just saying. It would be totally understandable and quite frankly asked for given the circumstances. They have free food, clothing, shelter, and medical care in prison. Outside, they may be homeless. We should prioritize making sure they have proper medical care in prison, not releasing them into an unknown situation.


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