Well shit what are ya’ll doin shirt

Well shit what are ya’ll doin shirt


Precisely how long and how often to you propose we give this administration the benefit of the doubt? Based on his track record with LGBT rights and the very concept of the Well shit what are ya’ll doin shirt I have zero reasons whatsoever to assume that this administration is being honest about their intentions or that this won’t harm the LGBT community. He lies constantly yet every single time his word is doubted there’s a horde of people who hop up to defend him and claim that he’s somehow being treated unfairly by having his own record used against him. Yes, I am assuming they’re lying. They’ve done it several thousand times before so I’ve little reason to trust them now. He wants people to stop doubting his word? Then he needs to quit lying about every goddamned thing under the sun. If the have a same-gender spouse, wouldn’t that be to give away? DUH? Or, if they have told the doc? Just because it is on the chart and they have not been discriminated against does not mean it cannot happen in the future. You do realize that there are docs who will discriminate, don’t you? I call BS. I’ve worked in the healthcare field for 42 years and I know that you have been asked a series of questions about your sexual practices if you have a competent doctor. One of the first things they want to know is if you practice anything in your life which could put you at risk. This includes smoking, overeating, and sexual practices. It’s standard practice to do so. Maybe you’re just not bright enough to realize what was being asked but they did so without a doubt if they want to gather a clear history on you. That’s always a good idea. But, can you please provide me with an example when women are oppressed by some evil patriarchy? I can’t, I’m still looking. What I do find is that Women, Western women, are the most Privileged demographic ever to walk the earth, yet are in a near-constant state of complaint. Can you enlighten?


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