Well call me a chip and dip me in queso because I’m nacho bitch shirt



I am very nervous. I’m kurdi because trump betrayed us. Turkey along with isis are killing children and women. Shame to them. Trump has sold us to Turks. Speak about it. Do not hide it. Dimas Jose Mou, maybe you are ill. Go and sell your drugs. I believe you are a terrorist. All the world is talking about trump how bad he is and you are by your side? I am kurdi noob. Look after your country and leave us alone. Frank Dunn-Roser did you honestly say Africans? You mean we are of low quality that when we voice an opinion supporting, Trump, we should be relegated to slave pens right. We should just support liberals because we are not supposed to have an opinion. That’s lame unless you need their votes. Liberals are hypocrites, you call out Trump as racist but just read your comment again. We argue with Trump on his Twitter page and get good treatment. Here we are Africans, third world morons who should not speak. They should be muzzled and be in chains right… Cool. And you’re talking about info wars, etc. Apparently it’s lost on you that it’s YOU who are being the conspiracy theorist here. Read your own post, and then attempt to convince me that you’re not a little unhinged. I’ll make you a tinfoil hat. For 3yrs CNN and all the other leftist mainstream Well call me a chip and dip me in queso because I’m nacho bitch shirt have done nothing but bash, batter and assault President Trump non-stop yet the man keeps going strong. I’m just here picturing the emotional meltdown that’s going to unfold when Trump wins again in 2020. It’s going to be epic to watch. Edward Leal the only meltdown happening is coming from the White House. Trump is unhinged. Who sends crazy middle of the night tweets raging with misspellings and anger? A crazy man that’s who!


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