Well Behaved women rarely make history shirt

Well Behaved women rarely make history shirt



Try voting Democratic for a while. You all have placed way too much faith in the Republican Party. The more people you put n jail, the more law enforcement jobs there are, and the more money there is to be made from the privatization of prisons, all paid for by your taxes. You have to decide what is important to you, as citizens. Paul Durham. Vote Blue! Jay Ashworth The ACLU used the word imprisoned. The word also means to be held captive which does not mean that a person was held in an actual prison”, just held captive. Either way, it’s kind of nitpicky to point this out. The message is that people are incarcerated unnecessarily and unjustly. That should be the focus. We really need to fix this, this is awful :'( that do much worse than I thought it was. Not even touching on the awful things that have happened to our children in juvenile detention over the years. I appreciate your feedback the process works likes this step one a person is arrested and processed. 2 he is placed in jail unless he can post bail. 3 if he cannot post bail he remains ins jail under arrest until he goes to court at which time a judge will allow him Or her to Plea their innocence or guilt. If the Well Behaved women rarely make history shirt judge believes the prosecutor utopian or thinks there is a crime he will ask the defendant post Bond which is cash or some form of personal collateral which is based on his type of crime and flight risk. If the person cannot post bond he /she will stay in jail until the circuit court case and depending on the outcome if he is found guilty the person is then considered convicted and sentenced


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