Weed Stay out of my bubble shirt

Weed Stay out of my bubble shirt



Fuck off you deplorable, delusional sanders-bot shit head. Your bullshit is blocked. If you break the fucking law you must serve your time and pay all fines and fees. Not a poll tax, just a logical and appropriate consequence. Don’t break the fucking law! Problem solved! My brother has been in jail since January, and they’ve pushed back his trial 3 times already. Best of luck, I hope you guys eventually dismantle the whole bogus and corrupt system so something that actually serves justice can be put in place. In Canada, we have a sensible system. No corrupt bail bondsmen. The court must look at the individual circumstances. There is no cash bail except in a small number of cases. We have a security system where responsible family members agree to supervise the person charged. They must agree to a personal bond. If they fail to supervise properly there is a judgment against them as decided by a judge ip to the sum pledged. If there are no problems the surety bond is canceled. The system overa─║l works quite well. A person who fails to follow the bail terms may also be charged with on offense of breach of bail terms. The security may also withdraw their personal bond. In that case, the person on bail is arrested and detained till trial. Meanwhile, people are getting discriminated against for being handicapped at work and given no opportunity to progress but we worried about letting people that committed crimes out of jail interesting indeed. Well, then it’s a good thing that the ACLU has many attorneys in every state in the Weed Stay out of my bubble shirt working on multiple local and national cases. This happens to just be one of them. But then they won’t show up for the trial and keep on going committing crimes and thumbing their nose at the judicial system. Besides, the time they spend in jail waiting for trial is subtracted from their time in prison. Did you ever do any research on the failure to show up for court when released on bond? Of course not. That argument was also used on questions of bail for immigrants… they would not show up for their hearings. It simply does not stand the fact tests.


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