we were on a quarantine shirt

we were on a quarantine shirt



Part of the guidelines you referenced states that you can’t have a gathering of ten or more people so you can easily get 6 ft away from someone. When you’re in jail or prison, there are definitely more than ten people per room. They get crowded. Most places don’t have empty beds. Michelle, please remember these are people too. I do agree it shouldn’t be a luxury and every single one should serve their deserved time. However, incarceration is utilized to rehabilitate this population. You speak as if we should use this pandemic as an excuse to throw them in a cage and feed them through a door. That is just cruel. People at high-risk with little time left should be released to serve the remainder at home on parole/house arrest. This allows the rest to truly practice social distancing and will help our Correctional Officers and prison/jail staff. But wouldn’t the guards and wardens. be considered like doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, etc? Their jobs would be considered mandatory in such a situation. But to release rapists and thieves is asking for troubles. I’m just pointing out how the virus made its way INTO the prison. Friendly reminder that infections in prison always spread OUT too. So those essential workers, like wardens, by refusing to implement legitimate measures to prevent the spread, will inevitably risk their own health, as well as the health of their families and elderly relatives. Have a good day! Remember that human beings deserve a basic standard of living, despite who they are as a person. Because they’re fucking human. Prison routine doesn’t give the prisoners much control of their physical movements; they can’t really avoid crowd exposure. Even if one is so hard-hearted as to be indifferent to the fate of the prisoners themselves, a prison that melts down into a virus pool may act as a source of infection, possibly leading to many more casualties than whatever crimes the prisoners might commit if we just let them all out. Hello, wake up, the prison we were on a quarantine shirt in this country is an absolute failure. They don’t treat mental illness, they don’t rehab, they don’t help at all. They just create a revolving door to keep the private prisons filled. The prisons are a violation of human, civil, and in many cases disability rights. We are worse than a third world country.


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