We Out harriet tubman 1849 shirt

We Out Harriet Tubman 1849 shirt



No one will ever face justice so why even bring it up? This is our country now, get used to it. You can file all the briefs you want, but with Barr’s Justice Department, a waste of time. I once did research at the National Archived as part of my employment and was so impressed that we keep a record of what we do no matter how terrible it is. It’s imperative to our freedom that we continue. Do they believe that this will actually function to cover themselves against criticism – that whatever flak comes their way over the destruction would be less than what they’d properly have coming if the We Out Harriet Tubman 1849 shirt of the records were to be accessed? Karen-Ann Williams Olson Unfortunately Karen, we have a president who does not care about the laws. We have a Senate who allows a corrupt Republican to break any laws he wants to. That’s why it’s so damn important that every single one of those people that didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election, get off their ass and go to the polls if for nothing else, but to overwhelm them so that they cannot steal another election! Ask a basic question first. Is that necessarily bad? We had a black segregated school that was fighting to remain segregated. To retain its character and accomplishments. Now they are closed, integrated and diminished. Lisa Lippitz so why are schools more segregated than ever if the system does everything it can to promote integration? Why is there a white flight? Why do people move to get their kids into “better” schools? David Marc Grant Because schools in poorer neighborhoods (often minority neighborhoods) are underfunded and often failing. How about EQUAL funding. My grandkids go to a school where they are issued laptop computers in fifth grade, have enough books and supplies for everyone, have good programs for kids with special needs… Their mom works in a school less than 15 minutes away that is three stories and has bathrooms only in the basement, the kids do not have up-to-date books and teachers often bring in supplies and coats and shoes for the kids, at-risk and special-needs programs are underfunded (though their social workers and special ed teachers are working hard to give these kids what they need). Why do we not fund ALL US schools adequately? Why do we not give ALL US kids an equal chance at a good education? This is why integration was invented. Those who have plenty don’t care, and those who have little don’t have the power to make the necessary noise to change things.


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