WAP wizards and Potions shirt

WAP wizards and Potions shirt



The margin of error from 600 people is so great as compared to the thousands that live there. Well, it’s a great encouragement for the devil rats to think they are in the game. Come next month their disappointment would be epic. We shall be telling the story for 600 years. Cherish should be part of life, and amazingly you’ll see it mostly in elderly people that usually value materialism as nothing. However, and mainly, you’ll find it in those whose hearts are full of God. Nope, that was the Democrats, Clinton, and Obama. My President is trying to repair this country that the delusional Democrats started to destroy. Go back to sleep and keep dreaming that creepy Joe Biden is worth a crap. He had 47 years to do something with 8 years as vice president and he hasn’t done crap except destroying this country and being Delusional Democrats puppets. The only one’s destroying this country are The President and Mitch they have done what no one before them did. Divide a country that is now so full of hate it’s ridiculous. I have learned a lot about people since this started. If you favor a man who has lied so much I have lost count fact-checked so don’t deny it. Is one of the biggest loudmouth bullies I have witnessed making this country a laughing stock in the world, then by all means waste your vote. Remember he said I don’t take responsibility when responding to a question on COVID, well he should he kept it under wraps and over 200,000 people have died. Aimee Carroll Last I look it wasn’t the Republicans and Independence that are burning businesses and beating up Americans in the WAP wizards and Potions shirt that want to defund police. Because Hillary is still not your President and never will be. I watch it. It was trump against Biden and Wallace. Hell Biden couldn’t remember anything he had to look down to see what the Democrats told him to say. If in sick you must be a delusional Democrats idiot if you think creepy Joe Biden won the debate. You need to just go back to sleep just like Biden. Trump 2020. Biden nursing homes 2020.


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