Wanna smoke alpaca bowl shirt

Wanna smoke alpaca bowl shirt



Why do so many of you blame the tenants for not saving for emergencies, but don’t expect the same of landlords? If a landlord can’t afford to have 6 months of expenses set aside for emergencies, how do you expect tenants, most of whom have less capital, to do so? Caleb Morgan so what? What does that have to do with my question? The argument I keep seeing is that landlords need the rent to pay their expenses. Why aren’t they being held to the same standard as their tenants? Kris Merry because their tenants don’t own said property… I’m moving to the argument of ok you can’t pay, fine that violates the Wanna smoke alpaca bowl shirt and you get evicted… So I’m not talking about how much the tenant or landowner should have saved, that’s irrelevant, what matters is what happens when one party can’t/won’t hold up their end of the contract. Do you think the landlord then has the right to not maintain the property? Shut off the water? Change their pet policy? We need more socialism and less crony neo-liberal capitalism. It’s criminal that we are still bailing out the biggest corporations with no conditions or oversight and giving renters barely any means of being able to pay rent. It’s amazing how the economy is always up to the working class while the rich sit back and watch us fail. If we’re so important why is it soo hard to help. Here… in the socialist part of the world we have meat, peanut butter and toilet paper in our lovely apartments and we aren’t scared of losing our homes. If only you hadn’t spent all your funding to win the cold war maybe you’d still have homes and food. And what will you do in regards to the onerous and rapacious property taxes? ‘Owning’ (aka renting from the government in perpetuity) property doesn’t come with a Bernanke helicopter.


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