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Audrey Leiker – you should have been banned for saying those things. There is no reason to say any of those things to anyone.
You can disagree with others and have a discussion. As soon as you throw insults, you are just attention seeking and harassing people. I report people the moment they use a personal insult. I don’t do it to others so I’m not putting up with it. No one owes anyone a ‘fight.’ Facebook has community standards, then they’d better damned well follow their own guidelines. David Bryant – none of those things you’ve described violate Facebook’s community standards. It sounds more like you’ve run aground on their algorithms. Kimberlee Ponson – but they offer me no recourse to dispute the banning! That they won’t even allow me to submit a request for reconsideration tells me all I need to know about their arbitrary standards and unwillingness to stand behind or clearly articulate their guidelines. I wish I were a politician. David Bryant – I’m quite certain it is just bots and they have no way to allow anyone to dispute it. Zuckerberg claimed he was going to ‘develop an international team’ that covers reporting issues and free speech and harassment and so on. He said this at the hearing in DC just after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. For about 6 months there appeared to be moving in that department but it has gone into radio silence for most of this year. I think Facebook has been hit badly by losing the trust of its users after that scandal. Zuckerberg is probably losing people rather than attracting those who would have jumped at the chance to work for Facebook 18 months ago. Kimberlee Ponson – if it’s bots making the Walter White Todd Alquist friends shirt why even offer the option of requesting a review? After spending an hour collecting supporting materials in the case of The Slits album, and another 30 minutes writing an explanation of my reasoning, to then receive a reply, “Could not process your request. Please try later,” I can assure you I was no longer irritated but outright PISSED OFF.


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