Walmart I can’t stay at home Covid 19 2020 shirt

Walmart I can’t stay at home Covid 19 2020 shirt



Are you this enthusiastic about the 2 years old that the Walmart I can’t stay at home Covid 19 2020 shirt threw a flash grenade on his face, a few years ago? Then they laughed about it, blaming HIM for it the same thing. Drug bust. Wrong house, and not even the right block. Why should anyone remain peaceful against a government that executes its citizens without recourse? Hell, America was founded on violent rebellion over *taxes*, I’d think government-backed murder ranks a little higher than that… I’m not a racist and I’m against the way cops murder Innocent people but you must not be listening to the news much some people from black life matters BLM or just using that as a cover-up to share their hate towards white people Every race every country has its own racist even Black people. You called me a racist so I told ya that I wasn’t you don’t know me and I don’t know you I was just trying to get some answers if you see things differently than what I see your either blind or a racist. It wasn’t a racist statement what part about what I said was racist I’m not throwing people under the bus because their ethnicity but by their actions like what’s happening in Portland Oregon it’s pretty racist and hateful stuff. I’m done. Let blacks police themselves and they can choose to defund their own police force. They can reinvest that money in community parenting or whatever the hell they want. Put white cops in white neighborhoods where we will fully fund them. The regressive leftist win. It needs to go deeper than just the officer who shot Breonna. It needs to extend to the person in the precinct who sent those officers to the wrong address and didn’t realize they had the right person already in custody. Suzanne Stewart even in corporate America when dealing with white-collar crime, following orders is not an acceptable defense in a court of law. when dealing with investments and stocks, the law says that even if one is following order, if that order is to do some illegal insider trading and one does it, they are guilty of a crime. I thought that was common knowledge. Take your dunce cap and go sit in the corner and look up the long history of case law supporting this very simple concept. No Nazi example needed. If your boss told you to slap your coworker and you did because you were following orders, good luck with that well deserved assault charge.


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