Vote this darkness has got to give shirt

Vote this darkness has got to give shirt



I really wish that everyone who is commenting to staunchly defend police would at least read the articles above. Even if you don’t agree with the premise, what harm would it do to at least learn a little about someone else’s perspective? Then, maybe we could start having discussions that would provide solutions that are fair and equitable to everyone, not just to one point of view. Take five minutes. Read. Come back and let’s discuss. Black lives matter only when it comes to black on the black crime is stopped! We don’t need white people thinking for us and telling us what to do. We are not ignorant and we are not stupid it’s only those that listen to the Vote this darkness has got to give shirt and other people telling them what they need to think. I grew up in an all-black community we own everything and our community. It’s a gradual process. drain money from the police unions, from coverups and lobbying, disarm and demilitarize, assign new roles and clarify the role they have as something more specific, and all the while the ones who are in it just for violence are going to leave (and they will leave the protection associated with acting as an arm of the State). eventually, it’ll be Locke’s socks, and you might as well just call it a public detective fund or whatever it ends up being. Again, I understand the need, desperate need for reallocation of funds to Mental Health facilities (we basically have zero) Addiction Treatment, and definitely Demilitarization of our Police. We need anyone on the force who is known to be excessively violent (transparency) gone. We don’t have high standards for the training of our Police. It’s a mess. Then we have every idiot from shore to shore locked and loaded with ridiculous weapons (which no one in government seems to give a damn about, nor has any idea of what to do about it). The problem is enormous. I simply think that the term Defund does nothing to engage people, instead, it seems designed to do the opposite. “Defunding” isn’t what it sounds like. It is re-defining purposes for policing and re-allocating funds for specialized tasks. We need a national standard for police training. Police need a much better education. All bigots must be removed from police forces. Every day there is a news article about a cop unnecessarily shooting a black man and it has to be stopped. The authorities are not doing an adequate job of prosecuting police that murder citizens. Police unions apply force to stop punishment for cops that commit crimes. It has to be stopped. The protests all across the country show that the straw on the camel’s back has been broken. Enough is enough.


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