Vote out hate Dump Trump Nov 3rd shirt

Vote out hate Dump Trump Nov 3rd shirt


It’s called being realistic. What do young people have to look forward to? Who can they look to? When they do back someone, those in power work against them to prop up their choice. The see voter suppression and outright corruption and are told that’s the Vote out hate Dump Trump Nov 3rd shirt. When’s the last time the minimum wage was raised? What about affordable healthcare or housing? They have concerns that no one is willing to address. How about make politicians respond to the people that vote for them instead of allowing them to run amuck once elected. Modern young people aren’t gullible like the boomers were/are. Modern young people aren’t going to vote for lackluster politicians. Victoria Caylor my point is not undermined. Truth is truth. You just choose to discount the point because of your emotions and ego. Lily-white liberals always try to dictate the terms of how politics or political conversations operate. Just like you just said “your point was undermined” lol but who made you the one in charge to determine the value of a political statement? and just like the other commenter tried to tell me what the real issue is and is not. Many political scientists call boomers gullible. If that offends you then maybe y’all should change your political reputation. “Lily-white liberals” is only offensive to you if you hold an inferiority complex, which you shouldn’t because y’all always try to control and dictate everything… like you’re attempting to do now. It’s an ok sweetheart. Jesus loves you. Joseph Hurst perhaps if I was a different person, that would be true. But let’s go back to your original assertion, you know, the one that required me to disclose something personal to you. “Your premise reflects that you and your community haven’t been neglected by the system or the politicians.” This is obviously false, no matter how many times you want to move the goalposts. Again, I’m not going to play games with politics. The consequences are too personal. I will vote for the person closest to my positions during the primaries. I will vote for the person least likely to cause me (and others) harm during general elections. Anything else is playing games with other peoples’ lives.


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