Virus wars the nurses strike back shirt

Virus wars the nurses strike back shirt



It was unbelievable, reprehensible, and heinous. When I saw photos of elderly who could barely walk standing in those lines with masks on, others in wheelchairs being pushed by their partners, and obviously ill people being forced to wait in those lines for hours, not to mention that polling centers were greatly reduced to a mere FIVE! You are talking about republicans, if there’s any working system for the public they’ll break it and skim off the profits. After you’re broke and disgusted they move on to another prosperous nation. Money has no national allegiance. Congress should have gone on an Easter Egg Hunt today to find that gooey bag of removed testicles! Re-attachment is covered under the Senate Health Plan! People will die as a result of what these ‘people’ have done. Power is more important to them than the lives of the disadvantaged. They don’t care, but they will ultimately be held to account for what they have done. I wouldn’t want to be one of them when that time comes. We always say “Congress needs to act” and maybe we should stop saying that. Because what we mean is Democrats need to act to stop the ongoing destruction wrought by Republicans trying to undermine the system. Rob Wessel Not sure what’s not clear. We should stop talking like “Congress” needs to respond to what the Republicans are doing to undermine the democratic system, whether it is at the state or the local level. In other words, we should stop using a neutral framing for these dangers, as though “The Congress” is a uniform legislative body and the thing they are needing to respond to is some independent force of nature. It’s not that. It’s Republicans–many in Congress– who are trying to amass and retain power by undermining the Virus wars the nurses strike back shirt by which they govern. So the only organized body that can resist them is Democrats and we should just say that.


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