Use the force Harry shirt

Use the force Harry shirt



How did you get privacy outdoors before all the surveillance? IMO, the idea of privacy is not compatible with being out in public. The two words, private and public, are exact opposites in meaning. Douglas Thomas, Did he approve this program? A program like this isn’t expensive enough to require a special bill to fund it. But I tell you what: show me a Republican publicly calling for limits on police surveillance and I will accept your point that this issue is a Democrat issue.  Let’s be honest, these aren’t “immigrant advocates”. They are advocates for illegal aliens, not law-abiding immigrants. If these were “immigrant advocates”, they would be advocating for the removal of the illegal aliens from the country, just as Caesar Chavez did. What gets me is why these places even exist. It’s one thing to detain and deport, but to hold for several years? It’s beyond me. If they are applying for asylum or might qualify to stay for any other reason why not let them live freely. One of the arguments for closed borders is a taxpayer burden. But it seems to be the burden on the taxpayer is the cost of housing these people instead of letting them work while they wait. This way they can pay taxes instead of consuming tax dollars. If you really think people in ICE custody get decent healthcare you are living in a dream world. They don’t even have toothbrushes. There are reports of them having to drink from toilets. Women don’t even have menstrual products. Google it yourself. Stephen Willis all you have shown is that you eat up fake news. The Use the force Harry shirt drinking story debunked years ago. Your argument is based on the ACLU says so, no need to check it, I don’t like ice. So where is at least a story, even a fake one, showing prisons turning into a graveyard, etc


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