Turkey Happy thanksgiving shirt

Turkey Happy thanksgiving shirt



Carol Roach because it’s a conservative majority, they’ll actually apply the law. Unlike if it were a liberal slanted majority they would find based on their feelings about it. Not actually apply the Turkey Happy thanksgiving shirt so thank goodness for trump! And a conservative majority. A liberal majority in the Supreme Court would be hell. Barbara Klapper, of course, you agree on Barbara. Anything to hang your hat when a conservative bashes trump. I’m hardly a fake conservative and I support him so there’s one where Will is wrong about. The thing is, we’re all entitled to follow who we choose to and hopefully, the other side is respectful to that. Beth Moodie so what is the answer to it being an illegal order? If you’re so “accomplished” then hopefully you also used that time to become legal. If not, I guess your home country will get a boost when you go back. Sue Roediger Depends on the executive order. You do know it’s being challenged in court? Let say Trump issued an executive order declaring himself king. do you think that would be legal? the same thing depends on the executive order. Pretty sure the EO was corrected and nowhere does the Constitution require citizenship or documents to live here. SCOTUS backed that up in 2012 and held that there is no legal authority allowing the federal government to regulate immigration because that’s a power reserved to the states. It’s an Executive function, not a legislative one, which is why Congress hasn’t addressed it. That would require a Constitutional amendment.


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