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Tue shirt



Injustice is across the board. Do you stand for the liberty and rights of American citizens? where are you? siding with those pushing us down. I used to believe in you even though I felt you sometimes pushed back to being bigoted yourself. The time you started seeing that not only minorities losing liberty, so are others. And you also seem to pick what liberties you support. It doesn’t work that way. Why do all good ideas get corrupt with time? The ACLU meant something in the past… Now as I sit here at 62 years of age I see nothing but leftist bs. You are not lifting a finger to assist us citizens that are being illegally kept from movement, work, etc. And you are worried about prisoners? Really? Well, you will never get my donations and I have to think that others feel the same. You lost your edge, your nerve, your money, your soul. Brendan Gillis, it is ridiculous. Do they ever stop and question the people they keep voting for? What about President Obama why didn’t he fix it? Look at the house, held by Democrats, many of them black and Hispanic, responsible for creating all new policies, why haven’t they fixed this? Maybe that might be a great start, start calling your congressional leaders demanding this is a priority, but that won’t work, because they won’t be in session until this COVID pandemic is over. You might want to ask why during a national disaster they are not considering themselves critical workers. I’m not picking on them, do research its true. People wake up you’ve been voting for these people for years, are they working for you? It’s weird how Trump supporters want to hold him entirely blameless for what’s happening. Like they can’t acknowledge that, as president, he had a responsibility to take initiative and try to minimize the impact the disease would have on the Tue shirt. And they absolutely refuse to acknowledge that he’s deliberately inflicted damage on the institutions intended to respond to this, and has deliberately done nothing except undermine the ability of states to respond to it and care for their residents – instead he encourages idiots to protest and echoes their idiotic messages. Like Joni, who reshares utter bullshit from idiotic hacks like Charlie Kirk, who is known mostly for being wrong and shoving his nose up Trump’s ass.


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