Trump redefining stupid one tweet at a time shirt

Trump redefining stupid one tweet at a time shirt


Why do red-state voters vote against themselves? Their states have done nothing for them for so long that they are apathetic. Same with young people. We kill their enthusiasm and disrespect their valid life issues. They are learning about ground-up politics thru participation in the BLM movement, so we discredit that, too. I’m 68 and have seen this my whole political life. When you catch them young, you have them for life. I will vote for Biden because I understand why, but we’ve spent more energy getting a few republicans and not the young. When I was a young voter I wanted progressive candidates on the Trump redefining stupid one tweet at a time shirt. I have always voted – and always for someone who is the best of the worst. If the parties could extricate themselves from their oligarch donors maybe we could get real representation and that might make it worth it for idealists to cast ballots. This has always been a problem. The older people are the more likely people are to vote. I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18 and I’ve instilled how important voting is in my own children. My oldest will be able to vote in the next midterms. Diane Cole, actually they have better morals than the older generation. They don’t care about the color of your skin or sexual preference, they care about fairness, they care about our climate. I could go on and on. If you ask me thank god they are our future. Too bad they can’t take over sooner. One thing we can ALL do, myself included – stop this yammering about, “It doesn’t matter anyway. They’re going to buy who they want to buy. Lobbyists control it all.” We’ve seen with several candidates in state and federal elections recently that it is not true. Does that mean it’s easy? Nope. But anything worth having is worth fighting for. Too, we’ve got to stop treating elections like a chore every four years. Every time that voting booth is open we ALL have to be there with as much enthusiasm as we have every four years. It wasn’t overnight that this process got to be as it is now. It won’t be overnight that it’s changed. But with every second we don’t do all we can when we can, it’s going to be that much more difficult.


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