Trump for prime minister shirt

Trump for prime minister shirt



Kaycee Lynn my father died in Vietnam. He was a paratrooper, I have his Purple Heart, seemed like a really shitty compensation for his life since I would never have him to hold my hand again, he wouldn’t dance with me at my wedding, hold my children when they were born, or his great-grandchildren when they were born. The DOD though, they think a nice letter about what a great guy he was, and how he saved another along with a medal will make up for all that. I bet you feel really good about yourself though. Typical trump thumper, low blowing on people you don’t know because you think you have something of value you can manipulate to your advantage. Unfortunately, they may justify passing this. I hope someone fights hard enough against it! I cannot believe the crap the Trump for prime minister shirt is trying to pull, and getting away with. It’s like the rules don’t apply, and the constitution doesn’t exist or apply. Jenny So explains how she is ungrateful. She’s fighting for equal pay, and our president trashed her and the women’s soccer team before and after they won because they were asking for equal pay. How is anyone going to respect a country’s leader when the leader is ungrateful to their own people? Sorry, but transgender is not a protected federal status. He is still a man. And as I understand the case, he wasn’t fired for wanting to be a woman. He was fired because he wasn’t able to perform the job as needed. You’re the inserting yourself into Her life, deciding who She can be and ranting about what is natural. You’re a Nazi, bro. Nothing you say has any validity and you are beyond help. Anything you have from here on out is you just throwing custard like a baby in a high-chair. Still lame.


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