Trump American horror story shirt

Trump American horror story shirt



The republicans ate no more hypocrites than the democrats are. Do you deny, that the Dems would be advancing their SCOTUS pick if they held the senate and oval office? That ‘dude’ is a Trump American horror story shirt pastor, who looks on everyone as an image-bearer of the Living God. In other words, regardless of your color or nationality, we are all made in God’s image. And he was calling out churches that whore themselves out to BLM and LBGTQ causes and don’t even want to be paid for their prostitution. No church should support the ongoing and willful sin of murder, covetousness, and abominable behavior. You mistake people warning to avoid a pit, or being burned… for bigotry, hatred, or self-righteousness. If you were concerned for the well being of your brothers and sisters, you would urge them to avoid doing the things that are dangerous. Instead, you do nothing and call it tolerance. You do not love people if you let them walk off a cliff or into the unquenchable fire. You love them by offering the Way out. How come they blocked an appointee for a whole year in the same situation but now it is more important than helping American taxpayers in a global pandemic? It is the Senate’s responsibility to act up or down. And the fact of the matter is, every nominee, including Anthony Kennedy in an election year, got an up-or-down vote. Not much of the time, not most of the time. All the time. Every single solitary time and there are real consequences for continuing to leave this post vacant. If cancer wouldn’t stop RBG from working in SCOTUS, the China Flu shouldn’t stop the confirmation. If toddlers can attend online classes, and we think it’s acceptable as a society, then they can telework too. ACB deserves her hearing and confirmation. I don’t understand the cancer analogy. Cancer isn’t contagious. Covid-19 is. Having survived cancer, and known many cancer victims, I can assure you that until the end stages, you can effectively work. Please explain how comparing the two makes sense


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