Trump 2020 working harder than an ugly stripper shirt

Trump 2020 working harder than an ugly stripper shirt



David Clark first – then I don’t know because all the ACLU has done for four years is defend civil liberties and the constitution. Maybe you don’t think gay people should be covered under title vii? The jury is out. But either way, you’re wrong. Second – privilege doesn’t mean you don’t have problems. It means you don’t have the Trump 2020 working harder than an ugly stripper shirt associated with being a POC or someone who isn’t heteronormative. And your first comment here is actually a great example of ye olde privilege. You’re right–everyone is dealing with it. Some people are more economically hard-hit than others, so it’s not equal. Inequality already present doesn’t make for ACLU inventing problems. It simply sheds light on them. Just because one person experiences the pandemic one way, doesn’t mean we all experience it that way too. Native American women earned $0.58, so their equal payday was September 23; Latinas earned $0.53, so their equal payday was November 20. It’s so sad that this is happening in a supposed modern society. What do you think all the regulations are that trump is cutting? Great for the rich business owners. Horrible for employees. Equal pay provisions, employee safety rules, Environmental protections. And his supporters are too gullible to understand they’re getting screwed. Your boss got a huge tax cut. Did you get a huge raise? Hell no. He got a new boat and a jag. That’s the Republican idea of a good economy. The American Association of University Women found that when you control for differences between men and women of occupation, college major, and length of time in the workplace, the gap reduces to just $0.07 on the dollar. This finding was corroborated by the U.S. Department of Labor, which found back in 2009 that the adjusted pay gap is somewhere between $0.05 and $0.07 on the dollar. In other words, the unadjusted pay gap is due almost entirely to the choices that women are making about their careers.


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