Truffle Shuffle Freedom shirt

Truffle Shuffle Freedom shirt



Does anyone remember that the native Americans whose land was stolen from them were not considered American citizens until 1924, and they were not guaranteed the right to vote in all states until 1962? The Truffle Shuffle Freedom shirt of Europeans came to America to escape religious persecution, and attain wealth and I crease their influence around the world. They seized influence by force and violence. Yep, the persecuted became the persecutors. They became the people they wanted to get away from. Voting is soon to be a thing of the past. We are the last democracy that will ever be as long as visual and audio records exist. It shows exactly what happens when the least capable of making informed decisions elect people to make decisions. In other words the beer and potato chip crowd of both parties should not be deciding who’s going to spend billions of their dollars. No serious political thinkers in history have ever-favorite democracy except on a local level. We are a democracy in that we directly elect our representatives. We are a republic, too, as some are elected indirectly by representatives. Also, the answer to that is not strictly in the Constitution. I think U.S territories like Samoa and Puerto Rico were intended to become U.S states eventually. But that never happened to leave them and the residents in the murky middle. Of not being their own independent country or a state of a country. That’s pretty much where I’m going with this. If they pay taxes then they should be citizens. If they aren’t required to pay federal income tax then they shouldn’t get to vote. Hardly taxation without representation if there’s no taxation.


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