Travis squatt shirt

Travis squatt shirt



Tammy Russell and your evidence for this assertion are? We’ll give you a clue, the evidence does not support it. All cash bail does it create a legal process with different rules for the rich as opposed to the poor. The Travis squatt shirt of developed nations do not use a system of cash bail for this reason. If we commit a crime and we are poor does that mean we walk free? It should be based on their charges and criminal history. My son is incarcerated and I could not afford his bond so he sat till sentencing. However, people should not get a free card then what will they fear. They can go to jail again and get released. So you think that it’s right that your son is in prison when someone who may have committed a far more serious crime can buy their freedom? What people should fear is trial, a guilty finding, and imprisonment. I’m sorry for your situation and the fact you have occasion to justify this blatant inequality but there is lots of evidence that money bail is ineffective. Sure if someone is a flight risk keep them locked up before trial if they are like to commit further serious offenses if released keep them locked up. Being poor isn’t a crime. Justice needs to be impartial. Trials need to take place within reasonable timescales where the accused is incarcerated. It simply is not right that anyone can be locked up indefinitely without trial while others can simply buy their freedom. So that’s a hard pass on accepting the labor of someone else you chose not to do yourself, most likely because it shows your opinion is rooted in your feelings about this as opposed to anything you know to be true. This is the problem we face today, far too many people expect their emotionally based opinions to stand inequity with the facts which belie them. I am on board with this for the most part but am having a hard time releasing violent offenders, especially domestic abusers. Anyone else? Is the thought we can use non-custodial detention on those folks?


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