Tina Belcher Quarantina shirt

Tina Belcher Quarantina shirt



They can be trained to smell who has the virus. That would be way cheaper than administering tests. And probably more accurate. Can dogs get the Virus thought I read they could but I could be wrong there’s so much media spreading so many false reports you have to fact check your fact check of a fact checks to find the truth anymore? A cat in Belgium was diagnosed with Covid-19 after its owner had it. (a rare occurrence, maybe the cat licked owner’s face) Plus if infected people pet a cat or dog, the Tina Belcher Quarantina shirt can be found on the fur of the animal and thus spreading the virus in the family. If you have the virus and have a pet, the CDC is advising you not to have your pet(s) near you. It is rare but if the pet is close to you & of course you pet it, it is possible for the virus because it lives so long, that if someone else who pets it while the virus is still active, it’s possible to get the virus. Sofia Golias Two dogs have been infected by covid19 in Hong Kong. A spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said today (March 26) that the latest positive serology test results of the Pomeranian which previously tested weakly positive for COVID-19 virus proved that the dog has been infected with the virus. Virus isolation was performed on previous samples taken from the Pomeranian with a negative result, indicating that no live virus was retrieved. This is in line with the amount of virus genetic material in the samples. Further serological testing has been conducted at the World Health Organization reference laboratory at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) on the blood sample taken on March 3 and the final test result is positive. 


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