Tina Belcher Quarantina shirt

Tina Belcher Quarantina shirt



Ok, what is a person to do, who lives in a state and their leaders have not required or passed isolation measures. They have to show up at work or lose their job. They aren’t covered by the unemployment or stimulus? Do they have to choose to be a sacrificial lamb? Can someone please clarify this for me. I can’t sit by and do nothing! There are positive COVID-19 cases in their state and counties, where they live & work. The Tina Belcher Quarantina shirt is closed! I am from West Virginia. I heard the news this AM and you don’t like our Government’s restrictions. Sorry, but he should have closed our border week ago and not allowed anyone here to stay. If he had we’d still have zero viruses. Every state should have. We must PRAY for our country, repent, and sin no more. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it doesn’t care what church you attend, unless of course there are lots of people congregated and making its spread even easier. Then it’s happy as a virus can get. You can pray from home, or else you’ve forgotten what faith truly is. ACLU can compel a Health Department to release a number of cases in a City. Ours refuses they said it’s their decision. And it’s not a HIPPA violation in fact in the interest of the public to know for public safety it would seem. County numbers are not enough and seem to be imposing unnecessary restrictions on movement even police stopping ppl for travel papers when no requirement. A county with 17 cities & towns and 12 cases all in one city of 120,000, not the other 16 as an example. Any information appreciated. Also, read somewhere FOIA requests not being accepted because of the corona. So, just curious, does the ACLU have any objection to the multiple executive orders prohibiting freedom of movement, religious ceremonies, and another peaceable assembly over the last week or two? It just seems like something you might hear from the ACLU about.


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