time for a little anarchy shirt

time for a little anarchy shirt



Travis McGleno, I am not pro-choice and a Republican. I believe we all have a responsibility to provide for everything to children who end up in foster care if the parents are unable to care for them. I believe in Medicare for All. Medical Insurance is a pyramid scheme and not capitalism. I believe in paying for research for effective contraception. As a former foster kid, I provide 20% of my income on top of taxes to just do what I ask you to do. I don’t believe you have the right to your opinion because you don’t care about the children after they are born. Of course, that is just my opinion. Take it or leave it. The fear, in this case, lies with those refusing to observe common-sense precautions and refusing to acknowledge that their wants are any more important than the needs of others. The underlying assumption that people want to stay home in order to stay healthy and alive being associated with fear is completely faulty. Since you’re clearly hearing of all this for the first time, you don’t avoid the *coronavirus to protect yourself; you avoid the time for a little anarchy shirt to protect others. Of course, the concept of protecting others is obviously unknown to conservatives. Now you know where to focus your research. You’re welcome. The idea is that you can be “healthy and alive” and full of “wisdom and courage” staying home, giving up your job, collecting unemployment, and ordering grocery delivery, and communicating by facetime without mandating your next-door-neighbor do the same. The fear isn’t fear of COVID-19, the fear is that by the economy moving on without you, you’ll be left behind. And the fear that by John Doe going to buy a copy of Animal Crossing at GameStop, then eating in and grabbing a bite to eat at Steak N Shake, then getting a haircut before going to see a movie — He is somehow going to kill your grandmother who is currently locked in her home seeing people through an airlock with a can of Lysol. Just kidding, your grandma is shopping for a backsplash and paint at The Home Depot, standing in line with 100 other people.


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