Tiger It’s the most wonderful time of the year shirt



Ty Hendershot, it’d be nice if you dummies could actually, you know, get acquainted with the law. We have an agreement with Canada saying that we are both safe countries and will process asylum applications for whoever lands on one of us first. We are actually violating the spirit of that agreement by not treating asylum seekers fairly. Mexico and Honduras aren’t safe enough. Stop this shit. The law states that you must seek asylum in the first Tiger It’s the most wonderful time of the year shirt. You don’t get to just cross into the USA and receive services for life by merely saying “asylum.” It’s especially funny to hear you lot complain about the law as though Trump didn’t just change the law. If you really cared about what was legal that alone would shut you up. As a far-left liberal I wish my fellow liberals would read some books and learn that even if you want to be biased which all of you seem to be against every other country that’s not his Spanish and South of us, do you guys understand that if we let every person South of our border who wanted to come here our population would triple and we would be a 3rd world country? Aside from that, I wonder why you were all wanting to let anybody and anyone come from South of our border while there are plenty more deserving people in Asia and Africa and those people don’t get the chance. It’s horribly unfair and biased that we just let anybody who wants to walk across the border from the South come here while we don’t let anyone in the rest of the world do the same


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