Those who disrespect our flag shirt

Those who disrespect our flag shirt



This is one of many going on every day. They should also be sent to prison for the same amount of time a child or adult spent in prison for wrongful convictions based on misconduct. No one should have immunity. Their supervisors and the DA knew what was going on. The officers should also be going to prison and lose all pensions, and peace officer’s license, and the DA should be measured for a jumpsuit and disbarred. The DA is an elected office. Many people don’t realize how influential this elected official is with regard to the quality of life and justice in their community. This DA needs to deal with this fast. The young man and his mother deserve an abject apology for the suffering that they’ve been through, and the officers should be prosecuted. I agree. We should not finance this Those who disrespect our flag shirt of winning at whatever it takes. We give law enforcement a blank check to go after poor people who often are overcharged looking at 15 to 20 years of jail or fees and fines while their only choice is guilty to 15 years with fees and fines instead of 20 years. Innocent people get screwed by the justice system every day. Is Richard bridge on there yet, probably not the way he keeps getting promoted at such a high rate. Won’t be long now and he’ll be an Isabella county judge right? Yet look at all the wrongful convictions he went maliciously after and caused in Montcalm county Midland county Gratiot county Isabella county and probably more in Michigan. That right there is what you call a freaking dirtbag. and don’t think for a second that criminal enterprises and corruption in every one of those counties by the police and the judges and the liar lawyers and fellow prosecutors didn’t do him any favors or help him get where he’s at. But amazingly I bet you won’t find lists about any of those cops either, because if you do the research who turns in the statistics for things? Oh, that’s right that’s the cops who turned in the statistics the Brady and rogue cops who also investigate themselves and find nothing wrong. Assholes, immunity should be revoked for all police, bet they would act more human then. I’m not saying all police are bad but those who feel the need to dominate assholes who forget whom they work for should be fired


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