This is why we can’t have nice things shirt

This is why we can’t have nice things shirt



The disease is not required to have access to Healthcare. Preventive treatment is also Healthcare. And I’m sorry, but if my pregnancy is causing damage to my body, hormonal, skeletal, psychological than it Is a Dis-ease of my normal function and a threat to my well-being. I have a right to seek medical assistance in addressing issues causing harm. I don’t have the flu, but I have access to the flu shot. I don’t understand what your point is? You’re pro-choice, you think women can do with there bodies as they wish, so why isn’t abortion healthcare? Be specific. What is healthcare and why doesn’t abortion fit that definition? If it’s not healthcare, where does a woman go for an abortion, who do they discuss their options with? Dick Wahl, it’s only “killing someone” because of the religious belief that all life starts at conception. Which scientifically holds little water. Why should non-Christians have to adhere to that? Let women choose, they’re not killing anyone because that fetus is not a child. It can’t survive outside the womb. It is not sentient or conscious. The argument basically boils down to whether or not a fetus is imbued with some “spirit” or soul. And that’s a religious argument, not a scientific one. No one wants to have an abortion. But some people have to wrestle between very difficult decisions that involve their health, the potential child’s health, trauma, and environment the child would be raised in. Let women choose, they carry the burden. While we are at it, expand access to contraceptives and bolster sex education from a young age. Did you know the biggest factor in reducing abortions isn’t banning abortion? If you ban it, people just do it illegally. The biggest factor in reducing abortions is access to reliable and cheap contraceptives along with sex education. Treat the problem at the cause, not the This is why we can’t have nice things shirt. Dick Wahl no one should be forced to donate their body against their will, even if it results in the death of the intended recipient. Do you want the government (or anyone else really) to decide that someone else’s life is more important than yours then come and force you to donate blood or more?


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