There’s too many good ones to ride a bad one

There’s too many good ones to ride a bad one



Deborah Divver The original refugee policy allowed them to come into this country while waiting for their case to be determined. They changed it so they have to wait in a dangerous place. It was designed to create fear. Maybe this is a matter of policy rather than law. But it is certainly inhumane. Janice Gilmore Janice Mexico offered asylum to many of these people but they want the US. They just have to wait for their turn. Just like everyone else. A woman hiding from her abusive husband is not a political asylum seeker, is she? Seriously. Bryan Haas: The same home countries that our country’s government has subjected to wars, coups, and neoliberal economy destroying economic policies or sanctions? Your moral compass is broken. Joshua Hellmann The neoliberals are wrecking our country too with unfettered 3rd world immigration. The answer is to not let them successfully replace western workers with cheaper ones. The answer is to remove the neoliberals from the office via the electoral process. And if that doesn’t work, then by violent revolution (in a Minecraft server and in a highly hypothetical and totally fictitious reality, of course). Alison Haertjens I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t understand its meaning. It means unrestrained. Pretty apt for our current immigration situation. One million legal a year and over 20 million here illegally. Myrna Goldstein well actually he was just enforcing the already existing policies. He also ended the There’s too many good ones to ride a bad one of separating them from their parents. But I have to ask where was your outrage when the previous admin was doing this or is it just easier moe cuz orange man bad. Jason Mefferd, What are you talking about? Before 2017, we only separated children if the adults they were with, got charged with a felony. In 2017, the Trump Administration started a NEW zero-tolerance policy that separated ALL children from families, even if the adults didn’t commit any crimes. After a horrible implementation that included losing children, missing paperwork and no sanitary supplies at some facilities — the Trump Administration ended some components of their new policy.


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